SKU: UST20-PL20C3D-08

7 1/2" high Orange impact and weather resistant rubberized ABS plastic casing. LED bulbs never burn out. Four modes: High - lumen: up to 300 lumen output, visibility: up to 23m, runtime: up to 32h; Medium - lumen: up to 150 lumen output, visibility: up to 16m, runtime: up to 3.5 days; Low - lumen: up to 29 lumen output, visibility: up to 7m, runtime: up to 30 days; Strobe - runtime: up to 15 days. Green LED indicator flashes when off to show lantern in darkness. Built-in recessed hook on lantern base and removable globe for use as a downlight. Modular hook under the lantern unsnaps and flips forward. Globe unscrews and may be set aside if desired. Uses three D-cell batteries (not included).


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